Feckless Judges

Oliver Kaye


Feckless Judges - Oliver Kaye

'Angels Do Come - Just Call!' is a book focusing on the concept of Angels, what Angels represent to the writer; what Angels do and the belief in the healing powers of Angels. This book has emerged out of self development tapping into the world of Angelology, a search tentatively undertaken supported by a lengthy time of contemplation. With the publication of two books of verse behind her, the author has a positive voice emanating from the sorrows and joys of life; experiences which challenge and test the fragile sense of self. Through various journeys over time she has recorded many stories freely shared in relation to the concept of Angels. as life and living demands so much of everyone, it seems fair to say that we all need something to hold onto, to believe and to encourage us as we travel the journey of life irrespective of how it unfolds. This is an invitation by the writer to draw attention to the awareness, appreciation and acknowledgement of Angels, who wish to serve!