An Exposition of Modern Spiritualism

Samuel Post


An Exposition of Modern Spiritualism - Samuel Post

Excerpt from An Exposition of Modern Spiritualism: Showing Its Tendency to a Total Annihilation of Christianity; With Other Miscellaneous Remarks and Criticisms, in Support of the Fundamental Principles of the Christian Religion

Notwithstanding the many observations that have met my eye in various newspapers in relation to the mysterious rappings and spiritual manifestations, (so called,) tending to counteract a very pernicious, and may I not say, baneful influence on the minds of the weak and credulous, which they seem so peculiarly calculated to produce, I feel disposed to add my mite as a testimony-bearer against this abomination of the times, which I fear, is on the increase, and is spreading far and wide. Having been a resident near the place where this, what shall I say, monstrocity first made its appearance, I am somewhat familiar with the nature, effect and consequences that it has produced on the minds of many in the vicinity where it first emanated, as it progressed from one stage of iniquity to another. I do not presume to say that I ever was fully introduced or initiated into all the machinations and mysterious operations of its votaries. Far from it, I never would intentionally go amongst them for the purpose of witnessing any of their strange doings, rappings or manifestations, but my business associations and connexions in life brought me in contact with some of its early supporters, so that although against my inclination and will, I was reluctantly a witness to some of the rappings, and my only regret is, that I do not hold the pen of a ready writer, or I would attempt to portray the mystery of iniquity, and unravel the dark designs of these benighted wanderers, entangled as they appear to be, in a labyrinth, entirely inextricable short of a miraculous display of the interposition of Divine Providence; their minds becoming so absorbed in these fearful delusions, that it does really seem measurably to affect, if not destroy the rational faculties. In some instances the reasoning powers have been entirely subverted; presuming to converse with the spirits of the departed, what wonder is it that their brains should become turned, attempting to pry into the mysteries which the Almighty, has reserved to himself, impenetrable as they always have been, and will undoubtedly remain to any and all the contrivances of the most scientific. The word "blasphemy" may not be exactly appropriate, but for the want of a better I will substitute that as being somewhat explanatory of the dreadful wickedness of that mind that dare presume thus to trifle with that (may I not say) holy order and unalterable law of the Divinity, and what procedure. I would ask, could poor, frail, finite man presume upon, that was calculated to cast so great an indignity on the Divine character, as that of attempting to penetrate or lift the veil that hides eternity from human eyes, and intercepts all communication with the spirit-world while clothed with mortality, or any insight into the abodes of the blessed, except in some few instances, in that state described as a trance, in which I do not presume to deny or disbelieve. For purposes of his own, he has in a few instances, perhaps 1 may say partially, revealed the glories of the heavenly state of those who are unclothed of mortality. I say what greater, indignity could be cast upon the Divine character, than that of presuming to enter the spirit-world to converse with the departed, not only of their own connexions and friends, but of those of every age of the world, and profess or pretend to do it without any assistance of the Almighty. They acknowledge no supernatural agency in the undertaking.

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