IFRSs in Indian Banking Industry-Challenges Ahead

Sankar Thappa


IFRSs in Indian Banking Industry-Challenges Ahead - Sankar Thappa

Due to globalisation The business of multinational companies are being extended and established in various countries with emerging economies .These companies in emerging economies are increasingly accessing the global markets to fulfil their capital needs by getting their securities listed on the stock exchanges outside the country. This results in making the Capital markets global in nature. The use of different accounting frameworks in different countries creates confusion for users of financial statements resulting into inefficiency in capital markets across the world. The increasing complexity of business transactions and globalization of capital markets call the regulators, multinational companies, auditing firm and investors to see the need for common standards in all areas of financial reporting. Thus, the case for a single set of globally accepted accounting standards has prompted many countries to pursue convergence of national accounting standards with IFRS. This book highlights the need and importance of IFRSs in Indian banking Industry, the various phases of implementation of IFRSs in the banking sector in India. The book also highlights on the challenges ahead.

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