1/2 Circle Stone Bench

Pam Swisher


1/2 Circle Stone Bench - Pam Swisher

Life can change in an instant, especially when angels intervene. Told from the point of view of two generations in two difference places, 1/2 Circle Stone Bench is a metaphor for the 180-degree change in the thinking of an old rancher, a high school misfit and a brilliant young doctor. Rose, a nurse in a local clinic, becomes an instrument of God's love, bringing hope to Martha's pain and despair through her own story of loss and forgiveness. Martha's husband, a stubborn rancher named Adam, can't find the same power to forgive, either then or when life deals him another fatal blow.
A generation later, a student named Rose shows up in time to boost the spirits and give purpose to Matthew's life, as he endures the abuse of a family he doesn't fit into. And eventually, Louise accomplishes her career goals only to come back into Matthew's life, needing a miracle of her own. She decides to seek out a spiritual site, a ? circle stone bench in Maui, rumored to bring miraculous healings. Finally, Adam and Louise meet at the bench and prove that sometimes miracles can happen. Entertaining and purposeful, the story reminds readers that forgiveness leads to freedom and a love beyond our wildest dreams.

Author Bio
Pam Swisher, raised in Dayton, Ohio, has a bachelor's degree in humanities from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Swisher married her high school sweetheart, Trace, and they have two children and grandchildren. After raising their children, the couple moved to Casper, Wyoming, which provides the backdrop for the book. Pam, an instrument-rated private pilot, walks the Platte River Parkway, enjoys her FAB book club and spending time with family and friends.
The book was inspired by actual events. Pam and her husband were on a business trip to Maui when, lost in thought about the choices and consequences of her fast-track life, she saw a half-circle stone bench facing the ocean. In despair, she sat down but was joined by a colorfully dressed woman named Rose. While talking, Rose revealed a life similar to Pam's and shared how God guided her to change her life's path. Back home, Pam realized God had worked a miracle, changing her fear and doubts to hope and love through an angel named Rose.

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