Images of a Murder

John W. Hanson


Images of a Murder - John W. Hanson

The year is 1955, and the small peaceful coastal community of Carmel-by-the-Sea would be shocked by the vicious murder and mutilation of one of its citizens, former silent screen actress Carla Miles. Local law enforcement would work vigorously to solve the crime that had all the indications the killer was a psychopathic sexual sadist. During the investigation, several good suspects were questioned but the police could never link them to the crime. The case would eventually die as a famous unsolved murder. Thirty-five years would pass before an eyewitness to the murder would come forward to contact Detective Colt Hannon. This would start a cold case murder investigation that would impact the detective's career for the rest of his life. The Carla Miles murder case is based on a true homicide investigation that took over thirty-five years before its final conclusion.

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