The Timor Chronicles

Georgia Sky


The Timor Chronicles - Georgia Sky

Princess Amira grew up in a paradisiacal land called Timor, filled with wondrous music and beautiful creatures. Dancing daily with her mother, the Queen, Amira lived an idyllic life, only to have it torn apart by a cruel curse. Thrust into a life of abuse and denial, Amira takes on a new identity and becomes Georgia, and must try to get back to Timor and her true mother, communicating through their common language of dance. In the face of neglect, ridicule, and abuse, Amira and the Queen learn that to get back to the wonderful life they barely remember, they must have determination and infallible hope. Georgia dances to escape from her pain and refuses to give in to despair. The Queen is betrayed by the man she loves and turns to prostitution. In the magical world of Timor, the King is left to his grief and slowly falls into deep despair, pining for his wife and daughter. It is up to Amira's unyielding spirit to break the curse and restore her family to its original happy existence. In a story of sadness, loss, freedom, and hope, author Georgia Sky shows that there are heroes all around who wake up every day with a heavy heart and have only a spark of hope for companionship. Amira is one of these heroes. Discover Timor with Amira, see her struggles, and test your own Unyielding Spirit. Georgia was born in the Greek-American community of Astoria, New York. She studied professionally at Callina's School of Classical Ballet. She has always been passionate about books and literature. Georgia has cherished her time both as a medical technologist and teacher. She is currently working on another adventure in Timor and studying the dance form of Raks Sharki.