Secret Streets

Ronnie G. Cone


Secret Streets - Ronnie G. Cone

There are a lot of questions running through our minds in today's society. Because of unanswered questions and unrealized goals, we often turn to places, people, and things to find peace through all of life's dilemmas. Even Christians sometimes have problems with things like alcohol and adultery, and this book focuses on shedding some light on those issues. After becoming disillusioned with not having answers for life's questions, author Ronnie Cone sought to find answers where he had never thought they would be-in the Bible. He began to seek wisdom and knowledge, and to his surprise, God answered him. 'I was amazed at what He said to me through revelation of His Word, so I have explained a few of those revelations in this book hoping they will find a fulfilling satisfaction in your spirit as I did. There is nothing that can compare to an answer to a question [given] by God alone.' - Ronnie Cone 'Totally in your face, and it will defiantly start conversations. I wouldn't be surprised to see youth groups use this book and also see people at coffee shops talking about it. Goes straight to the source... It's not judgmental at all... but gives you a light in your 'secret streets.'' - Candi, Atlanta, Georgia

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