Debating Organization

Robert Westwood


Debating Organization - Robert Westwood

Since the publication of Burrell and Morgan’s Sociological Paradigms and Organization Theory in 1979, organization studies has been the site of lively debate, centered on significant ?paradigm differences? between theorists who take divergent positions on a range of important research issues. In this volume, major figures in the field articulate these opposing arguments in an innovative ?point? and ?counterpoint? structure. Leading exponents of different theories, including Bill McKelvey, Karl E. Weick, Barbara Czarniawska, Roderick M. Kramer and Lex Donaldson, present their case in counterpoint to their adversaries, challenging readers to engage in the dialogue. The arguments are signposted in an introduction by the editors, who are acclaimed academics in their own right.

The volume as a whole serves as an original and timely introduction to the central tensions and debates in organization studies, while its multifaceted approach celebrates the productive heterogeneity of the field.

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