Deep Sites: Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Web Design

Max Bruinsma


Deep Sites: Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Web Design - Max Bruinsma

Book DescriptionNew technologies and applications, along with sophisticated compression techniques and broadband services, have accelerated the growth of the Internet and the number of its users. The Web's variety and depth have enabled certain companiesand designers—and their thinking—to stand out. Deep Sites identifies both the key practitioners and the underlying principles that make their work so significant.

The book is organized by critical areas of Web design:

•Interface: It took a century for early book printers to realize that page numbers facilitated navigation through the book. Roughly a decade after the large-scale development of the Web, designers are still searching for the best ways to navigate cyberspace.
• Typography: Static forms have to be reinvented when applied to on-screen media, to accommodate time and motion.
• Animation: With the advent of streaming media, growing bandwidth, and leaner data, the Web will become a serious competitor to television. The design implications are manifold and center on the problem of combining print and TV environments into new formats.
• Community: The explosive growth of personal and community homepages has spawned entirely new approaches—crude, candid, innocent, and outrageously diverse—that have begun to exert their influence on professional design.
• Authoring: Dozens of editorial and design software tools make it possible for nonprofessionals to create sites of considerable complexity and formal quality.

Over 500 color illustrations.

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