The Cabinda Incident

Michael J. Ulissey


The Cabinda Incident - Michael J. Ulissey

Three random events in Ethan Archer's life come together near midnight on the moonlit streets of Paris. He is accosted by an old friend who leads him on a five-year journey of intrigue and espionage through six continents, as he confronts lies, challenges, deceit, and friendships, which carry him to the heights of excitement, the depths of despair, and the brink of disaster. He will wind his way through the oil fields of Africa, the mountains of Nepal, and the back alleys of Rio, before he identifies his friends, his enemies, and his only link to survival. Join author Michael J. Ulissey as he relays The Cabinda Incident-a convincing story of what might have happened under the cover of darkness in one of the largest, longest, and most prominent armed conflicts of the Cold War.

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