The Astrology of Film : The Interface of Movies, Myth, and Archetype

Jeffrey Kishner


Book DescriptionStanley Kubrick establishes a new standard in visionary filmmaking with 2001: A Space Odyssey . An ambitious young director named Spielberg becomes all consumed with making a film about a killer shark and establishes his illustriouscareer. A relatively unknown team of brothers revolutionize the sci-fi genre with The Matrix and create a devoted fan base that reaches near-religious fervor. Are the creative strokes of inspiration that led to the making of these films simply arbitrary, fortunate moments in film history, or is there something deeper and more meaningful informing these landmark movies?

Astrology suggests that the vision and imagination of film luminaries like Kubrick, Spielberg, and Lucas are intimately connected to a universal, creative intelligence that can be measured and timed by the movement of the heavens. With The Astrology of Film , learn when and why certain directors are attracted to particular mythic themes at certain points in their careers, why particular films wildly ignite the popular imagination, and why films like The Lord of the Rings series strikingly resonate with current world events.