Letters to Merlin In Feline Heaven

Mick Prosser, Jeanette Strack-Zanghi


This is a story of a man's undying love for an animal, a love that reaches from the physical into the spirit world. Through email letters, he attempts to reach Merlin, his gentle giant cat, in feline Heaven. Read about the many attempts to contact Merlin. Read about the author's business ups and downs, life in a small town, and finding new members for his cat family. Mick's personality is revealed through theses Letters to Merlin. The present cat family adds love and stability to his life. He believes he will one day join his beloved Little Hockey Buddy in the Elysian Fields. * * * * * Mick Prosser has lived most of his life in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. He graduated from Warrensburg High School as valedictorian of his class. Decided to major in engineering, and graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. After working for three companies he went into partnership and founded WPS, Consulting Engineers, in Glens Falls. He married, Ellen, his post-college sweetheart. Mick vacations in his second home in Deltona, Florida, near his mom in Cassadaga. His hobbies are hockey, hot air balloon festivals, and flea markets. His cat family is of paramount importance in his life. * * * * * Those auric eyes with the wisdom of the ages mesmerize you immediately. You grasp the book softly and think, "Aw-w, a nice book about a sweet kitty."As you thumb through the pages, a phrase attracts your attention and you remember your special fur buddy who has transitioned to the Elysian Fields. Suddenly, after you are deep in reading, you realize Mick and Merlin have magically captured you into their guy world. Your heart is laughing as you remember the endearing antics of your cat. You see tears on the page as you share the painful moments. Mick's first book, Letters to Merlin, is a masterful gift to anyone who has ever been loved by a cat. It's the Marley and Me for feline fanatics, that will embrace your heart with every word. Share it with a friend. Susan R. Forbes, Ed.D. As sure as Mick Prosser knows the warmth of summer and the cold of winter, he remembers Merlin. And as sure as Mick has joy to share or difficult decisions to make, he remembers Merlin. For Merlin is a part of him, and although Merlin could not stay for another day, Mick has the strength to remember he has not gone far. Mick's emails to Merlin teach us of the cord that binds us to one another, one that cannot be cut, surely not by death. His warmth and humor remind us of the need to commune with spirit, the need to remain in eternal connection with those we love. For each who has lost a pet, the same task is evident. Let go of what binds us to the idea of separation and merge into the essential. Mick Prosser does just that! Just that! Rev. Suzanne DeWees, Ph.D.

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