C for Java Programmers

Tomasz Muldner, Tomasz Muldner


C for Java Programmers - Tomasz Muldner, Tomasz Muldner

With C for Java Programmers, Tomasz Mldner adopts an innovative approach to teaching modern ANSI C techniques to readers already familiar with Java concepts. He takes advantage of the techniques and underlying design principles present in object-orientedlanguages like Java, and incorporates them to create a set of programming standards applicable to C. These standards are present throughout each chapter both in short examples and in longer modules. C for Java Programmers centers around such vital concepts as the ability to extend and modify modules, represent enumerations, create concrete and generic modules, and use shallow and deep copying of data elements. In addition, the book provides a thorough discussion of memory management, pointer use, exception handling, and other topics that are traditionally more troublesome for novice C programmers, and that are essential for code generation in the less protected world of C.


Allows programmers with experience in Java to make a swift transition to C

Introduces both low and high level C constructs, and so acts both as a tool for learning the language and as a reference

Introduces a set of programming standards essential for the creation of portable, modular and robust C programs

Contains lists of programming and portability guidelines, coding idioms, and common errors to reinforce use of good design principles, and to serve as a convenient reference

Provides over 100 sample programs and over 190 end-of-chapter exercises (with solutions given for half of them) to further enhance understanding

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