Reel Livin'

Warren McClenagan


Reel Livin' - Warren McClenagan

As any fisherman ever lucky enough to wet a line in the wilderness knows, nary a working day goes by they don't dream of the smell of pine, a breath of cool crisp mountain air, and a skillet filled with large fat trout. Yet, near that campfire where dreams meet reality, and Murphy tags along, more lures end up in tree bark than trout, camper heaters collect icicles and bears keep fishermen on full alert, pocket knives at the ready. Warren McClenagan shines his flashlight on the trials and tribulations set upon by almost every outdoorsman in their quest for paradise. From the frustrations of erecting a 'simple' tent to the incidental body piercing that occasionally accompanies fly fishing, McClenagan invites readers on a journey of camping and fishing, fathers and sons, and the birth of a legacy known forever as The Brotherhood of Dean.

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