The Conquest of Fear

Basil King


The Conquest of Fear - Basil King

Canadian spiritualist WILLIAM BENJAMIN BASIL KING (1859-1928) was author of best-selling novels hailed-and criticized-as both moral and sentimental, but he is remembered more for his books of popular mysticism. In this work, published in 1921, King, who suffered from poor health his entire life, reconciles himself with his own failing body, with God, and with his anxieties about death. He explores. . fear and the life-principle . the life-principle and God . God and his self-expression . God's self-expression and the mind of to-day . the mind of to-day and the world as it is . the world as it is and the false god of fear . the false God of fear and the fear of death . the fear of death and abundance of life.

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