Take Back Tomorrow

Richard Levesque


Take Back Tomorrow - Richard Levesque

Eddie Royce thinks he's got things all figured out. Rather than come up with original ideas, he's gotten himself published in the sci fi pulps by "borrowing" plots from Shakespeare and turning them into Space Operas. It's not exactly plagiarizing, but the problem is that everyone thinks Eddie's stories are innovative and original, and he'd like to keep them thinking so. When he meets Chester Blackwood, the most famous science fiction writer of the 1930s, he discovers that Blackwood has a secret much bigger than Eddie's--Blackwood is a time traveling charlatan, and powerful people have begun to suspect the truth behind his success. When the older writer disappears, Eddie is caught up in the mystery. With the help of Blackwood's beautiful daughter Roxanne (who has secrets of her own), he tries to piece together the puzzle, but he discovers more secrets hidden in the Hollywood Hills, secrets that literally lead him into the past and the future. Soon, the hack science fiction writer finds himself in a situation more fantastic than any pulp plot he could have imagined, and he has to make a choice: sell out to the Hollywood elites who want the secret behind Blackwood’s success, or save himself and Roxanne from the sins of her father even if it means defying the laws of the universe.

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