The Ophelia Box

Jenny Rodwell


The Ophelia Box - Jenny Rodwell

Capricious, fun-filled and unpredictable, yet intricately connected like the links of a chain, the stories of Ophelia and Asa twist and turn their way through the ripples caused by three intensely dysfunctional families... some by design, some by circumstance... and others by sheer madness. Fearing that madness will be her fate, Ophelia hides away from the future in a world of her own making, where the photograph of the dark-eyed boy is her only true friend. Lost and uncomfortable with a life that began in great uncertainty, Asa struggles to understand himself and his genetic inheritance through a search for his missing sister, Anna. Never entirely certain of anything around him, least of all his own motives, Asa holds on to the few things that have real meaning in his life... the face of his sister, last seen through the window of a train... a memory of his parent's shoes, and... most importantly... a lock of Ophelia's hair.

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