Legends of Heavenshire

Richard C. Lee


Legends of Heavenshire - Richard C. Lee

Can two friends, instantaneously transported into a world they thought only existed in fiction, save a country of deserving creatures? Legends of Heavenshire: The Prophecy presents the story of two friends, Mike and Mary, who find themselves the guests of a realm facing the return of an ancient evil threatening to enslave both Heavenshire and their world. A mysterious prophecy nearly as old as the land is thrust upon the pair as they struggle to find their place in this unfamiliar world. Building strengths and skills in the ancient arts of battle and magic, Mike and Mary must both learn that neither the sword nor the spell is the most powerful tool at their disposal. Maintaining their integrity, moral purity, and sanity in the face of impossible odds, the pair discovers that this unlikely experience is not what binds them more closely together than the strongest of cords. Follow the adventures of these two unlikely heroes skillfully relayed by author Richard Lee in the Legends of Heavenshire: The Prophecy.