Shoulda Turned Left At Albu-Quirky

Debora L. Carr


Shoulda Turned Left At Albu-Quirky - Debora L. Carr

Ever wonder why Bugs Bunny kept getting lost... and why it was always due to that missed left turn at Albuquerque? Well in this book you just might discover that perhaps ol' Bugs didn't have such a poor memory or bad sense of direction after all. Perhaps he knew something the rest of us didn't.

Come along for yet another marvelous, meandering road trip, courtesy of author Debora L. Carr as she continues to explore the mind-boggling sights in the vast and varied state of New Mexico. There are more natural wonders, strange towns and wild artwork to goggle at as well as unexplained mysteries, bizarre news items and unusual characters that will keep you scratching your head in amazement. You never know what you'll discover around the next bend in the rutted, winding road or what you'll miss out on if you don't miss that left turn. So keep your eyes peeled for those hidden gems of weird wonders that lurk at the side of the road and watch out for those spandex-clad two-wheeled kamakazis. Just turn off the GPS and follow that "wascally wabbit" as the adventure continues in the Wild, Wacky Land of Enchantment!

Debora Carr was born and raised in the central New Jersey area, graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Art Education in 1980 and became a successful professional graphic artist and packaging designer. She chose to accompany her parents when they decided to relocate to and retire in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2003, where she continued her chosen profession of graphic artist, working as a one-person art department for a small print shop.

She continued to keep in touch with friends and family members 'back east' by means of periodic humorous newsletters which she called her 'Albu-Quirky Journals' in which she detailed her perspective on life in New Mexico. She later collected some of these reports and rewrote them in a tongue-in-cheek essay form, emulating the short stories written by two of her favorite authors, James Thurber and Mark Twain. Her collections of these amusing vignettes include her first two books, "You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico" and "Home on the Strange".

Debora still revels in collecting stories and photos of all things weird, odd and unusual and is delighted to find that her new home state of New Mexico is overflowing with them. With any luck, it will continue to provide fodder for more entries into her "Albu-Quirky Journals" for many years to come.

Visit Debora's website at for more information on her books or to contact her with weird New Mexico sights and stories you think might be of interest or worthy of inclusion in future books!

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